Elections, Politics,
and Your Investments

Watch our free webinar to find out how the upcoming elections affect your investments and if you should make any changes to your portfolio.
Run time: 56:57

Wondering how the upcoming elections will affect your investments and if you should make changes to your portfolio?
Learn how previous elections have affected the stock market and if we can draw any conclusions from the data, and get expert advice on how to manage your portfolio.

Join Dr. Apollo Lupescu, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, and Jim Kantowski, CFP®, CPA and Founder of Curio Wealth, for guidance on the upcoming elections, and best practices for managing your portfolio.

You’ll learn:

  • If emotions surrounding politics are productive for investors
  • How the market has performed historically during election years
  • Other factors that drive performance
  • What effect presidential policies have on the market
  • Can you make a stock play based on presidential policies
  • How the economy is related to the stock market

Who should watch:

  • Any investor wondering how the elections and politics may affect their investments.

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